Cleo's Roots & Dreams


About Cleo Laguna Beach 

Cleo was founded in 2018, with intention of becoming not only a store, but also a space for everyone to thrive. We host pop up events featuring makers and artists, as we all are working towards building a haven and a community. 
We stand firmly in the idea that you must be comfortable to be confident. Whether you are looking for everyday wear or that statement piece to complete your wardrobe, Cleo is the place to come. 
Cleo is a family owned and operated boutique, stop next door to the Orange Inn est. 1931 and grab a smoothie! The Orange Inn and Cleo are owned by the same family, thank you for supporting our small businesses.
Cleo was created for locals by locals. We love to support artists and makers through hosting pop up events, classes, and more!
We are working towards building a haven and a community, like minded? Reach out today! We would love to hear from you.

Meet Anastasia O'Regan : The Woman Behind Cleo

Hi! I'm Anastasia, the operator of Cleo. Here's a bit about me!
My lovely grandparents own the Orange Inn, my uncle Alex Bodrero is an amazing business partner. I grew up on the East Coast, and moved back to Laguna Beach 4 years ago. 
My career on the East Coast was completely different, I was a music and violin teacher. I taught out of my own curriculum and worked along side of local hospitals and hospice, incorporating music therapy into them. 
After finishing college I thought I would go into furthering my music therapy career, but fate had a different plan. My grandparents told me about the opportunity to run Cleo, I was thrilled, nervous, thankful, and excited. 
I made the move and founded Cleo, rebranding it from Plug Clothing to the Cleo you know today. This has been the best decision I've made, I'm so thankful for my family, friends, and customers supporting me! 
Thank you for supporting our small business and our dreams!