Cleo: A Community Based Boutique


What being a community based boutique means to us:

Cleo was founded in 2018 by Anastasia O'Regan and her family. From the start we have carried local artisan goods, jewelry, and clothing. Featuring an array of artists and makers, we are passionate about supporting our community. Being next to our other family owned business, The Orange Inn, which has been a staple within the community since 1931; having a connection to Laguna Beach comes naturally.
We carry on this intention by creating a space to host pop up shops. Cleo pop ups are always so fun, featuring local artists, live music, and refreshments! Coming from a artist immersed background, it is true to our heart to support and showcase members of the SoCal community.


Our Artisan Roots: By Anastasia O'Regan

Being an artist myself I understand the importance of having a community that supports you. I have dabbled in multiple forms of art, photography, cinematography, collage, and painting.
My father Ryder O'Regan is a talented artist, having appeared in the Sawdust Festival. My  mom also always encouraged my artistic interests by enrolling me in art and music classes at a young age. My uncle Alex is also talented, he has worked very hard at honing in the art of acting.
I handle all the art direction and photography for Cleo, this has been an amazing opportunity to reach my full potential. Finding oneself is a never ending journey. It has been a huge blessing for my art and photography career, as I branch out to offer services to other businesses. 
I have hosted many pop up events here at Cleo, from sawdust artists, to my own line of art print tees and tote bags. I am always looking to curate more artists and makers for these events, for more information feel free to reach out to me!